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Domyślnie ESI PAM-STAMP 2G 2012.2 Final (x86/x64)

ESI PAM-STAMP 2G 2012.2 Final (x86/x64)

ESI PAM-STAMP 2G 2012.2 Final (x86/x64) | 1.24 GB

PAM-STAMP 2G specialized , integrated and scalable solution for stamping. It simulates the whole process of tooling from the design of the working surface of the die to the analysis of forming characteristics with validation solutions , including analysis and compensation for springing . PAM-STAMP 2G - specifically -oriented development tool for the analysis and design organizations , design bureaus and in the automotive and aerospace industries .

PAM-STAMP 2G offers the original chain modeling stamping , rapid design of the stamp , through the evaluation of the applicability , to final inspection and quality control , without departing from the CAD- model.

Extras. information
Import Geometry and Mesh Generation
PAM-STAMP 2G supports import geometric models in formats IGES, VDA, CATIA V5 and automatically generates a finite element mesh . Deep integration grid generator DeltaMesh in PAM-STAMP 2G enhances its ability to import quality useful information about the CAD- model such as : groups, layers , etc.
design Stamp
PAM-DIEMAKER module helps the user to quickly create a parameterized model of the tool , based on the final item. Clamp and side surfaces of the die are intuitive. Parametric design of the stamp creates an interactive relationship between the processes of design and analysis.
base Materials
Contains different elasto-plastic material model for describing the behavior of different kinds of standard and high-strength steel or aluminum. Depending on the available data , strain and kinematic hardening can be defined curves or empirical laws .
Rapid assessment of the applicability
PAM-QUIKSTAMP module offers the best compromise between accuracy and speed for rapid assessment of applicability. This approach makes it easy to identify the erroneous decisions and to create the basis for subsequent calculations and optimization.
Checking the shape-generating characteristics Stamp
The " first time " can only be achieved by replacing the natural experiment computing that accurately mimic the real situation! This will reveal the traditional areas of defects such as ruptures , wrinkles , etc. ... PAM-AUTOSTAMP allows the user to take into account when calculating all the features of the process to obtain more accurate results. All the usual techniques : flanging , grease, springs and dampers may be included in the virtual experiment , as if setting process occurs in reality.
Application of new materials entails new challenges in terms of quality of the final details and precision control . Reliable prediction springing its correction with subsequent check - one of the keys to the success of PAM-STAMP 2G.
export Data
PAM-STAMP 2G allows you to export 2D objects, such as the contours of cross-sections , etc. And 3D geometry ... : stamp surface , geometry, modified after modeling and compensation for springing .
PAM-STAMP 2G virtualnm in space test
Like all products of ESI Group, PAM-STAMP 2G is part of the virtual space tests (Virtual Try-Out Space, VTOS) - a unique complex , virtual engineering solution that would continuously improve the technology on a virtual prototype. By radically reducing the cost and time to develop, VTOS means allow to abandon the use of physical prototypes .

Year / Issue Date : 2013
Version : 2012 R2 Final
Developer : ESI-Groupe
Developer website :
NEW TORRENT DOWNLOAD (for free user)

Bit depth : 32bit +64 bit
Compatibility with Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: English
Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)
System Requirements : RAM 512 MB min, 1 GB free space on disk, OpenGL hardware graphic accelerator, CPU-Intel / AMD only

Special Thanks Team-SolidSQUAD


or PAM-STAMP 2G 2012.2 Final (x86/x64).rar

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ESI PAM-STAMP 2G 2012.2 Final (x86/x64)

ESI PAM-STAMP 2G 2012.2 Final (x86/x64)
Ludzieeee... !
Tego jeszcze nie widzieliście

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