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Domyślnie Planet Explorers [v 1.1] (2016) by FitGirl

Planet Explorers [v 1.1] (2016) PC Size:5.57 GB| RePack by FitGirl
Release date: November 8, 2016; V1.1 - August 10, 2017
Genre: RPG , Open world, Third-person , 3D
Developer: Pathea Games
Publisher: Pathea Games
Platform: PC
Language: Russian (fan translation), English, Simplified Chinese
Voice pronunciation: English
Publication Type: Repack
Medicine: sewed (from the CODEX group)

Planet Explorers - an amazing game that mixes a lot of genres ranging from RPG and ending with the Sandbox. After an unsuccessful landing on an unknown planet you find yourself with wounded comrades, "shoulders", and alone with a wild and hostile nature of the unknown world. All in your hands, can you survive on an unfamiliar land ?! Everything depends on you. In 2287, one of the ships of the colony from Earth decided to arrive on a planet called Mary, in a galaxy called Epsilon Indie. When it was necessary to make a landing, the ship abruptly lost control and crashed. Some colonists still managed to survive and survive the accident, but immediately discovered that on this planet everything is not as smooth as we would like. Here there is a huge amount of enemy monsters. You in the role of survivors should be engaged in research, building fortification buildings, finding food for life, and also you must stand and take as many territories as possible. You in the role of the protagonists of the game will be able to customize their game characteristics, engage in the invention of new high-quality weapons for firing at enemies, as well as the search for vehicles and, of course, new free buildings.

▪ Combining multiple genres in one game
▪ Open World. Explore the open world
▪ Sandbox. You will not have to miss. The game has something to do. A real sandbox for connoisseurs of the genre
▪ Adventure. You are waited by boundless adventures and set of tasks.
▪ Action. Not enough adrenaline? Enemies will not let you relax
▪ RPG. Players will be able to customize their characteristics, collect and create weapons using crafting, vehicles and buildings. Create, fight and conquer new territories
▪ Survival. Survive on an unfamiliar planet alone, or with friends in a multiplayer game

Features repack
The repack is based on the ISO image Planet.Explorers.v1.1-CODEX: codex-planet.explorers.iso (19,174,576,896 bytes)
Ability to install fanatical Russian localization
100% Lossless and MD5 Perfect: all files after installation are identical to the original release with a bit precision
NOTHING is cut, NOTHING is recoded
Option to install version for x86 (32 bit) or x64 (64 bit)
Significantly improved compression (from 17.9 to 5.6 GB)
Installation takes 6-12 minutes (depends on your system)
After installation, the game takes 13 GB
After installation, the option of checking the checksums of all files is available to make sure that the repack is installed
correctly [Repack] by FitGirl

System requirements:
☑ OS: Windows 7/8/10
☑ Processor: Dual-Core i3 +
☑ RAM: 6 GB of RAM
☑ Video card: GTX 460+ HD 5770+
☑ Disk space: 14 GB



or Explorers [v 1.1] (2016) by FitGirl.rar

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Planet Explorers [v 1.1] (2016) by FitGirl

Planet Explorers [v 1.1] (2016) by FitGirl
Ludzieeee... !
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