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Domyślnie Mike Oldfield - Exposed (2005) 2xDVD9

Mike Oldfield - Exposed (2005) 2xDVD9


Mike Oldfield - Exposed (2005) 2xDVD9

2xDVD9 | PAL 720x576 | 25 fps | MPEG-2@4000-9800 kbps | AC3@448 kbps | 7.42 GB + 7.88 GB
Genre: Progressive Rock, Experimental, Music Video | Label: Virgin Records Ltd./EMI
Exposed is a live concert video by Mike Oldfield recorded in 1979 at Wembley Conference Centre. The live album of the same name was released in 1979; it also had the same artwork. A DVD version of the concert was released in 2005. It was part of the Tour of Europe 1979. The DVD release is split into two discs, like the CD, but this time because the viewer can choose their own viewing angles.
01. Intro
02. Incantations Part 1 and 2
03. Incantations Part 3 and 4
04. Intermission
01. Tubular Bells (Part 1)
02. Guilty
03. Tubular Bells (Part 2)
04. Encore
- Mike Oldfield / bass, guitar, percussion, arranger, keyboards, producer
- Maddy Prior / vocals
- Pekka Pohjola / bass, guitar (bass)
- Pierre Moerlen / percussion, drums, vocals (background)
- Pete Lemer / keyboards
- Tim Cross / keyboards
- Phil Beer / guitar, vocals
- Ringo McDonough / bodhran
- Joe Kirby / bass
- Nico Ramsden / bass, guitar
- Nick Worters / bass
- David Bedford / percussion, string arrangements
- Mike Frye / percussion
- Benoit Moerlen / percussion
- Nigel Warren-Green, Vanessa Park / cello/celli
- David Bucknall, Jessica Ford / celli
- Pauline Mack, Donald McVay, Liz Butler, Ross Cohen, Danny Daggers, Melinda Daggers / viola
- Ben Cruft, Liz Edwards, Jonathan Kahan, Dick Studt, Jane Price, Nicola Hurton / violins
- Emma Smith, Marigo Acheson, Debra Bronstein, Diane Coulson, Mary Creed, Mary Elliott, Emma Freud, Clara Harris, Cecily Hazell, Wendy Lampitt, Catherine Loewe / vocals, choir
- Chris Nicholls, Sebastian Bell / trumpet
- Ray Gay, Ralph Izen, Collins Moore, Simon Salminen / trumpet & flute

If link dead you can try backup here:


or Oldfield - Exposed (2005) 2xDVD9.rar

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Mike Oldfield - Exposed (2005) 2xDVD9

Mike Oldfield - Exposed (2005) 2xDVD9
Ludzieeee... !
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